How to adjust the background images in your timeline

Our Timeline template allows you to upload alternating background images directly from the Data tab! 

To do this:

In the Data tab, bind a column under Background image. The column should contain URL links leading to one image per cell – you can upload them by right-clicking and choosing Upload file.

If you are working on a vertical timeline, please note that the background images will only appear if the Height mode you have chosen is Standard or Aspect ratio. The reason why background images won't appear in Auto mode is due to the fact that this mode allows the user to scroll through the full timeline without using any navigations.

Once there is a column bound under Background image in the Data tab, an additional set of settings will appear in the editor. Under Background, you can then adjust the look of your images.

By default, there is a gradient applied to the background to create smoother transitions. However, you can turn it off by setting the Gradient size to 0.

TIP: To allow the user to view each background image in more detail, you can set the navigation step-by controls to Events. This will ensure that with each button click, the timeline moves only one event up or down.

If you need only one background image for your timeline, an easier option to set one may be to use the Image background option under the Layout settings in the editor. Using the Size and Position controls, you can further customize the look of your visualization's background.