Tournament – an overview

What is it for?

The  tournament chart (or tournament bracket) is a popular way to visualize a series of games played during a knockout tournament. Use this template to visualize any single-elimination tournament.

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How to get started

To create your own tournament chart, you need one column that specifies the round of the tournament and individual columns for the two competitors in each match.

You can add an extra column for the winner of each game, or leave this column setting blank – the template will then assume that the game is upcoming. You can also provide the scores of each team, although that's also optional.

Round Participant A Participant B Winner Participant A score Participant B score
France Uruguay France 2 0
Brazil Belgium Belgium 1 2
Quarterfinals Russia Croatia Croatia 2(3) 2(4)
England Sweden England 2 0
France Belgium France 1 0
Semifinals England Croatia Croatia 1 2
France Croatia France 4 2

NOTE: Please note that at the moment, the template does not support group stages.

While uploading your data, you'll notice that the Tournament chart consists of two data sheets – one for Matches and one for Participants. Under Participants, you can add an image for each squad – read how to upload images in Flourish here.

WARNING: In order for the images to be successfully applied to your visualization, the team names you provide in the ID column should exactly match the team names in the Matches tab.

Once you have uploaded your data, it's time to customize the look and feel of your chart. In the Preview tab, you can adjust everything from chart sizing to image styling.
Under Chart sizing, you can change the default horizontal and vertical space, as well as the padding. If you set a very wide horizontal space or switch to mobile view, an arrow will appear.

If you prefer to add your own icon to replace the arrow, head over to the Mobile navigation settings and choose Type > Custom. Then, upload your own icon.

To further customize your tournament chart, adjust the settings under Chart styling. You can choose the colors of your text and brackets, as well as customize or fully disable the connector links by setting their thickness to 0.

TIP: Visualizing an ongoing tournament? If you leave the Winner cells in the Data tab blank, the template will assume that the match is upcoming. You can then color the past and future matches in different colors, using the Chart styling > Upcoming match setting.

To highlight a specific team, you can add your tournament chart to a Flourish story. Then, click on the desired team and the story will 'lock' the highlight into view.
Get started with your own Tournament chart! »