How to change the animation speed of your bar chart race

There are a number of settings to change the speed of the animation. You can find these in the Timeline & animating settings, under "Timing and animation".

    The timeline duration
    This is the total duration (in seconds) of the timeline during playback. If you would like to make your entire bar chart race slower or faster, you can change this number. The example above has a timeline duration of five seconds.
    The time transition duration
    This is the duration (in seconds) of the transition between different points in time when your bar chart race has been added to a story. Learn more about Flourish stories here.

    The bar rank animation duration
    This is the duration (in seconds) of the animation of bars overtaking each other. If you would like your bars to overtake each other at a different speed, this is the setting to change. The example above has a bar rank animation duration of half a second.