How to create a scrolly using the story editor

This tutorial will walk you through how to create a scrolly using Flourish stories. Enterprise and Publisher Flourish customers are now able to use the story editor to create compelling Scrollytelling stories without using any code!

    Head to the Story editor and add your slides and charts, following the same process for creating a story. In this example, we will be using our Survey template starting point, which contains data about participants' favorite animals, favorite food, gender and country.

    WARNING: Our no-code scrolly editor currently works only with script embeds and HTML downloads. If you need to use an iframe embed, we suggest using our minimal-code scrollytelling library.

    Next, we need to add another slide. Here we add the different survey views and also the story captions.

    We continue to do the same until we have added all the visualisations and/or slides we want.

    Then, we go to the top left of the screen, in the navigation settings, and chose Scrolly. This will remove the slide navigation buttons and move the captions text box to the centre of the slide. 

    Note: The captions box in the centre of the slide in Scrolly is still editable, so you can still change you text easily.

    We can now embed our scrolly as we would any other Flourish chart or story. In order to get an idea of how the scrolly looks, we can click on the published link and voila, we can enjoy this brand-new scrollytelling creation!

    WARNING: Please note that scrolly captions are not supported in preview mode. To see your scrolly captions in action and actually scrolling, you will need to publish your story.