How to add custom styling to your captions

You might want to change the background color or the font size of your captions, or add line breaks.

To change the appearance of your captions, you can:

    Change some of the settings directly in the settings panel on the right-hand side of your visualization. You can change the background and border color here, along with the opacity, padding, and position of your captions.

    You can also select to color any phrases matching category names the same as their bar. To do this, select Text with colours.

    To fine-tune your settings, you can add custom HTML to your captions. Make sure to switch to HTML in the Text settings to do so. Keep in mind that phrases matching category names won't automatically be colored the same in this mode – but you could add the HTML to color certain words manually.
    If you've selected HTML, you can add HTML to your captions in the Captions tab. Click here to learn more about HTML style tags.

That's it!