How to add your own map regions

 Flourish offers a selection of different blueprints to start with. If the country or region you'd like to display isn't one of them, you can add it yourself.

TIP: Struggling to find the right regions for your map? Check out our GeoJSON repository where we've sourced, checked, and resized various region files ready for you to download and use in Flourish.

    To add your own regions to a Flourish map, you will have to upload them in a GeoJSON format. The file should contain a FeatureCollection with each feature being a Polygon or MultiPolygon in unprojected (WGS84) coordinates. You can upload your GeoJSON by dragging it to the editor or selecting to import it.

    TIP: We recommend GeoJSON file sizes up to 5 MB. Anything larger than that will reduce performance. To learn how to resize your GeoJSON file, head over to this help doc.

    If you upload your own GeoJSON and your map doesn't seem to display, the coordinates in your GeoJSON are probably not WGS84. To transform your coordinates to be WGS84, you can use the free online tool
    Each feature will become a row in the datasheet with the geometry in the first column and metadata (properties) in subsequent columns. If you would like to remove a region, you can delete the corresponding row in the Regions datasheet.

    TIP: We currently only support polygons with at least 4 points. If you add a polygon with less than 4 points, it will not render on your map.

     You can search the web for GeoJSONs of the regions you would like to upload, or transform TopoJSON or shapefiles using tools like