How to add custom colors and thresholds to your map and legend

When using binned or continuous colours, you can manually set bins or thresholds for your colours and your legend.

To do this,

    For continuous coloring

    Go to the colors settings within the "Regions layer" settings and select "Continuous" to be your colouring type. 
    You can now supply a "Gradient start" and a "Gradient end". If you don't set anything, your gradient will default with a value close to the minimum in your data and a value close to the maximum in your data.
    If you want to change the maximum value in your legend, you can do that in the "Legend" settings. Find out more about that here.
    Under "Palette" > "Custom", you can select to add custom minimum and maximum colors for your gradient. 
    For binned colouring

    When colouring by bins, there are three different binning settings.
    • Fixed-width binning creates a certain amount of bins with the same width within the legend. You can select how many bins should be created in the "Number of bins" settings
    • Quantile binning aims to assign the same number of observations to each bin. You can select how many bins should be created in the "Number of bins" setting.
    • Custom binning lets you create your own thresholds and however many bins you would like. You can supply your thresholds separated by a semicolon like this: "40; 100; 400". 

    If you would like to add a bin with a higher values than the highest value in your dataset, you will want to add a different legend maximum in your "Legend" settings.