How to create a single-slide story in Flourish

This tutorial will walk you through creating a single-slide story in Flourish. Single-slide stories are useful for locking in a view in a 3D map, saving a default view in your Survey visualization, adding annotations, and more.

    Once you're finished creating your visualization, click on the "Create story" button in the top right corner. This will take you through to a new Flourish story with your visualization as the first slide. 

    Set up your default view by using the visualization settings, by dragging your map into place, or by adding your annotations

    Now it's time to hide the navigation of your story. This will make it look like a single visualization. To do this, go to the "Navigation style" dropdown and select "None". You can access this dropdown by clicking the cog wheel next to the Slides option.

    That's it! You now have a single-slided Flourish story containing your visualization with exactly the default settings or annotations you would like. You can go ahead and publish this just as you would publish a normal visualization, and embed it on your website using the embed code you receive upon publishing.

    Still confused? Here's a video that might help clear things up!