How to create a Flourish story with the Survey template

The Survey template provides a lot of flexibility for visualizing survey data. Whether you want to group, size, or shade by different variables and even place the data points on a map, you can summarize large datasets efficiently and even include user-facing controls for people to explore the data themselves.

The real strength of the Survey template comes when you bring it into a story, and guide users through the data, setting different views to pick out key insights you want to highlight. In this help doc, we'll guide you through this process of creating a Flourish story with the Survey template.

    Once you're finished creating your Survey visualization, click on the Create a story button in the top right corner. This will take you through to a new Flourish story with your Survey visualization as the first slide. 
    By default, the first view of your Survey will group all the dots together, but now we are ready to choose our own views.


    In the story editor, use the panel in the bottom right corner to set up your first view for your first slide.

    Once you're happy with your initial view, go to the slides panel on the left-hand side and click the Duplicate slide button on the first slide. This makes an identical copy of that slide directly below.

    Now, you can repeat step 1, this time using the controls panel to set the view for your second slide. 

    Repeat steps 3 & 4 for as many slides as you want! When you navigate through your slides, you'll start to see the  smooth animations that happen between the different views you have set. 

    Add your captions and you're all set! If you want to prevent the user from moving away from your set views, follow this help doc on how to hide controls in a published Survey visualization.  

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